5 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Busy Women Who Are Always on the Rush


Ever wake up on a busy morning, trying to find the time to get ready without running late for work or any other plans? Busy women can definitely relate to this. Having a fast-paced lifestyle can make it difficult to squeeze in any time to fix yourself up and take care of your skin, much less visit a beauty salon for regular maintenance. Thus, it is close to impossible to even be able to sit down in front of a mirror to do your skincare routine and put on some makeup to look and feel good.

Fortunately, there are various beauty hacks that can help you manage your time more effectively to get through the morning rush. From investing in semi-permanent procedures like eyebrow embroidery to using double-duty products, here are five tips that are suitable for busy and hectic women who are constantly on the go.

Ice or Spoon Puffy Areas

Puffy eyes tend to be especially visible in the morning due to fluid retention or lack of sleep, and while they are natural, they can also make you look tired. One helpful tip to remedy this would be to place a cold spoon on each of your eyes for five minutes to reduce swelling in the area. Alternatively, you can grab an ice cube and rub it around the under eyes to boost circulation.

If you have some extra time on hand, applying some kohl liner on your lid also has an instant beauty enhancement to help you look fresher.

Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup

Another holy grail product that skin and beauty enthusiasts always readily have would be coconut oil. It serves as an effective makeup remover to keep your skin clean and free from products. Just grab a cotton pad and dip it in coconut oil, and you are good to go. You might have no energy to remove your makeup after a long day, but doing so is important to prevent your skin from clogging up!

Invest in Semi-Permanent Makeup

Perhaps one of the most useful and time-saving beauty hacks you can do is invest in semi-permanent makeup. One of the most popular options today is eyebrow embroidery, which is done by depositing pigment on your brows to create natural and full-looking ones. Eyebrow embroidery styles like the misty eyebrow, 3D and 6D brow, and many others are huge in the beauty community today because, with them, you no longer have to do your brows in the morning.

The thought of having filled brows without any effort will certainly appeal to busy people. Great brows can frame your face and highlight your best features, so the procedure will be a huge help to your morning dilemma.

Plan Outfit in Advance

When juggling an extremely busy schedule, you want to make sure your morning routine is quick. The less you have to do, the better, especially if you are not too much of a morning person. One of the things you can move out of the way early on would be your outfit. Scrambling for an outfit last-minute can be a challenge, and if you are running late, you may end up leaving the house with mismatched pieces or clothes. To avoid the hassle and frustration, prepare your outfit the night before and hang them up in your closet.

Use Multipurpose Products

Multipurpose products are the ultimate best friend for busy women as they can significantly save time. For example, some makeup colour sticks can be used to add some tint on your lips, eyes, and cheeks, so you can quickly freshen up those areas with no time at all. Try to find some go-to products that work well for you, so you can easily carry them around in your makeup bag.


Busy mornings can be challenging to get through, especially after a long and tiring night. However, taking care of your skin is still important to maintain your health and overall well-being. Thus, the tips above can help you look fresh and confident in no time at all, so you can juggle through your daily routine with more ease and convenience.



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