5 Tips to Fixing Bad Brows

5 Tips to Fixing Bad Brows

Whether you've overplucked your brows at one point in your life or have gone to an unreliable brow salon and gotten unsatisfactory results, don't panic. There are effective ways to revive your naturally beautiful brows, which include the following.

Wait for your hair growth cycle

Overplucking your brows can be a bummer. But once the damage is done, the best thing to do is wait it out. After plucking your brows, the follicles and the surrounding skin will still be sensitive. So, experts recommend letting your brows breathe for at least six weeks before you seek professional help.

Everyone’s eyebrows are different. They also have a different growth rate. For some people, their growth rate takes shorter than a month, while for others, it takes a couple of months or longer. The key is to let them adjust naturally for a while. Doing anything drastic may lead to more permanent damage.

Stimulate your brow follicles with hair growth oils

If you want to quicken the process of hair growth, one solution is to apply hair growth oil. This should help condition the remaining brow hair while stimulating new hair growth. Experts recommend applying oils with rosemary since it can promote hair growth.

Another oil to try is castor oil. This vegan oil naturally carries antibacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E. With its high nutrient content; it can effectively speed up the hair growth process.

Use a serum to condition your brows

Besides oils, you can also apply brow serums that contain beneficial peptides that promote healthy follicles. The best brow serums contain panthenol and biotin that help strengthen hair. What’s more, they contain plant extracts, amino acids, and oils that prevent hair from shedding and falling out.

More than creating a conditioned environment to encourage brow growth, applying serums also helps soothe and moisturise your brows to make them healthier, bolder, and thicker.

Apply tinted brow gels

While you wait for your natural brow hair to grow, you can create the illusion of fuller brows by applying tinted brow gels. More specifically, try finding products with brow-enhancing characteristics to aid in the regrowth process.

If there are still sparse areas after applying the brow gel, you can fill them up using a creamy brow pencil or pomade. Experts recommend that you stay away from wax products because they tend to pull at your hair more forcefully, creating more patchiness in your brows. That said, using a brow gel with pomade is a great way to temporarily improve your brows.

Have it fixed with natural eyebrow embroidery

Although the previous methods are effective, they take time to show results. If you want immediate brow revival, the best solution is to visit a good eyebrow embroidery Singapore salon.

Renowned salons like Browtisan offer various types of eyebrow embroidery to help you cover brow mishaps and achieve perfect looking eyebrows. To do this, aestheticians will embroider a neutralising colour to create a natural base. Once the colour is applied, she will then apply darker hues in hairlike strokes to create definition.

Because every brow is different, the method to achieve the perfect brow will be personalised to match your facial features and preferences. For instance, if you want to achieve a bushier finish, your aesthetician may employ the microblading technique throughout your brows. However, for a more subtle look, she might opt to use an ombre and powder technique. Once the treatment is finished and your brows have had time to heal, you’ll be surprised with the eyebrow embroidery before and after results.

Many women in Singapore prefer having eyebrow embroidery because it provides immediate and long-lasting results. As a semi-permanent treatment, you can enjoy perfectly sculpted and naturally-looking brows for at least 12 months. With this, you can cut down on your makeup time and instantly enhance your look.

Remember, having bad brows is only temporary. By following these tips, you can revive your natural brows to their former glory and achieve sculpted perfection. Don't hesitate to consult with professional aestheticians to find the best solution for you.



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