7 Benefits of Eyebrow Embroidery


Eyebrow embroidery is a kind of cosmetic procedure that applies pigment in the brow area to replicate the appearance of natural brow strands. It serves as a semi-permanent solution to have fuller and bolder brows without the need to go through the tedious process of applying eyebrow makeup everyday before leaving the house. Highly-skilled eyebrow experts trace the empty areas in their patient’s brows and fill it with hair stand-like pigments to add volume or highlight the brows.

Anyone who wants to improve their eyebrows but opts to avoid the strenuous makeup process could benefit from this treatment. Also, people born with thin or unruly eyebrows can get the most out of this procedure. Those who dealt with eyebrow hair loss or those who lose a significant amount of hair in their bodies would also benefit from having eyebrow embroidery.

1 ) Improves Natural Look

Unlike the old eyebrow tattoo technique, which uses a permanent ink that could fade to blue or green shades over time, the eyebrow embroidery procedure uses semi-permanent pigment made specifically for cosmetic purposes. It will also fade after several months, yet it will only turn into a lighter version of the original colour. As a result, the brows will retain its natural appearance.

2) Less Painful

Eyebrow embroidery techniques like the popular 6D brow embroidery treatments are very safe and comfortable for the patients. One can get satisfaction after seeing the results without dealing with a painful procedure. Brow experts usually apply a numbing cream to the brow area at the beginning of the session to ensure the patient’s comfort.

3) Creates Fuller Brows

Some people are born with thin or sparse eyebrows. Others deal with brow loss due to excessive plucking or too much exposure to cosmetics or other harsh chemicals. But whatever the cause, thin eyebrows can dampen a person’s self-esteem. They would need to spend more time fixing their brows with makeup before they face the world. But this will change if they get an eyebrow embroidery to provide more definition in the brow area.

4) Naturally Enhances The Eyes

Most people choose to look at another person’s eyes to know their personality. Because of this, individuals choose to ensure that their eyes and the surrounding areas look attractive to others. They would spend hours fixing their eyebrows to highlight their eyes. They can speed up the eyebrow enhancement and grooming process by having eyebrow embroidery procedures.

5) Lasts Longer Than Other Eyebrow Enhancement Methods

Compared to other cosmetic eyebrow procedures like eyebrow plucking, and waxing, the eyebrow embroidery can last longer. If maintained properly, its shape may stay for at least two years or more. They only need to do some follow-up treatments to keep the pigments from fading fast.

6) Shortens Makeup Routine

Since most people live a hectic lifestyle, some look for ways to lessen some of their daily tasks like fixing their makeup. The majority of women who had to apply makeup daily spend a significant amount of time making sure that their brows are well-groomed and have the right shape. If they undergo a brow embroidery procedure, they can skip their brow routine and complete their makeup faster.

7) Reduces Makeup Costs

Some people consider eyebrow embroidery as an investment. But it can help people save more money from buying eyebrow makeup products in the long run. They no longer need to spend on brow pencils or powders to fill in the sparse areas in their eyebrows. Because of this, spending on a brow embroidery procedure would be worth the plunge.

Where To Get An Eyebrow Embroidery In Singapore?

There are many places to get eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. But it would be best to find a beauty salon that specialises in brow procedures and has a highly trained team of beauticians who know all the latest brow treatment techniques. The salon should also have a high standard of cleanliness as this shows that they give importance to their clients’ safety and comfort.



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