Choosing the Right Eyebrow Enhancement Procedure


Your brows play a pivotal role in highlighting your face structure and features, so keeping them groomed is essential. In the past, eyebrow tattooing was one of the few options available to enhance your brows. However, the result was often too dramatic and unnatural.

Fortunately, times have changed and you now have more options for eyebrow enhancement. Check out this list below to know more about each and decide what will be best for you.

Common Eyebrow Enhancement Procedures

Despite being a small part of your face, eyebrows can have transformative effects on your overall look. Choosing the right shape can help frame your face and highlight and accentuate your features. To help you decide, you can look through these common eyebrow shapes for men:

  1. 1. General Maintenance

    General maintenance is a must for everyone, no matter what other procedures you do or how you want your brows to look. As the term implies, it includes grooming and cleaning to keep your brows looking full and natural. Trimming and tweezing can be done along with waxing, or alternatively, you can also opt for threading instead.

  3. 2. Microblading

    Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery is one of the most popular cosmetic brow procedures today since it creates a natural look. It uses a sharp tool to make small cuts in your brow and implant pigment in the superficial layers. It is perfect if you do not often wear makeup and want to enhance your brows since the technique mimics your natural hair.

  5. 3. Microshading

    As the name implies, microshading creates a powdered brow look by dotting pigments into your brows. You can create an ombre effect where the shade follows a gradient going light to dark, which is perfect for covering up any brow work that you may want to hide.

  7. Microshading also creates a more defined look than microblading and serves as a great alternative to a permanent eyebrows procedure. The shading technique creates a much softer look compared to most permanent procedures, and despite being semi-permanent, the results can last as long as five years if you maintain your brows well.

  9. 4. Eyebrow Tinting

    If your concern is more focused on your brow colour and not necessarily its shape, eyebrow tinting can be a good option. It uses a semi-permanent dye to fill in the light brow hairs that may not be too visible, resulting in a fuller brow. Compared to microblading and microshading, which can last for years, tinting typically only lasts around six to eight weeks.

  11. 5. Eyebrow Lamination

    Eyebrow lamination is quickly gaining more traction in the beauty community as it helps relax and control your brow hairs, which can easily go rogue. The process involves using a setting lotion, fixing solution, and a brow serum to reform your brow hairs and retain the moisture.

  13. Lamination is so versatile that it can be done by virtually anyone. If you have curly brows, it may be difficult to keep the hairs in order, so lamination can help tame the hair and keep them in a uniform direction. For those with thin brows, the process can make your brows look fuller, and even for those with thick brows, the process can provide added definition.

Tips on Choosing a Procedure

Choosing the right procedure can be more challenging but certainly not impossible. Try out these three quick tips to help you decide on the perfect semi permanent eyebrows for you.

  1. 1. Do Your Research

    Always do research before getting into any procedure, so you can set expectations and decide on what brow look you want to achieve. Getting a consultation with a brow salon will also be useful to learn about the services they offer and ask questions about healing time, maintenance, and others.

  3. 2. Look for Trusted Professionals

    Whether you are doing general maintenance or microblading, you must look for trusted professionals with the right credentials to do the job. If you are getting a semi-permanent procedure done, make sure to find aestheticians with the proper training to understand colours that go well with different skin tones, as well as the tools to use for each procedure.

  5. 3. Learn About Maintenance

    The key to having long-lasting brow embroidery results is maintenance. Semi-permanent services will hold for much longer than procedures like eyebrow tinting, but you may have to get touch-ups every now and then. Each procedure works differently, so learning about how long they last and how you can maintain your brows will be beneficial.


Eyebrow enhancement has certainly gone a long way from before. That said, with the many procedures that you can try out today, it is important to take the time to learn about each to know what will work best for you based on your needs and preferences.



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