Debunking Top 7 Eyebrow Myths


It is understandable if you believe some eyebrow myths that persist even in this age of information. But if the beauty experts are to be believed (and they should be), your eyebrows are the first features people notice when looking at your face, and it would serve you well to take good care of them. Banishing some of the most common misconceptions about the eyebrows is a big step in this direction, starting with these top eyebrow fallacies.

Myth #1. Eyebrow embroidery is not a form of tattooing.

When you hear the word embroidery, the last thing you would associate it with is tattooing. But strictly speaking, eyebrow embroidery is a form of tattooing. In this technique, the technician creates the illusion of eyebrow strands by using tiny disposable needles to implant pigments under the surface of the skin. This is done to create fuller-looking eyebrows or shape them to achieve the desired effect.

Myth #2. Eyebrow embroidery is permanent.

Those who are aware that eyebrow embroidery is a form of tattoo automatically assume that the effects are permanent. This is too much of a commitment for some women who want to keep up with evolving eyebrow trends.

The truth is, while the effects of eyebrow embroidery are long-lasting, it is far from being permanent. With proper care, an embroidered eyebrow can last for one and a half to two years.

Myth #3. You need to shave off your eyebrows before embroidery.

Another thing that stops women in their tracks when considering eyebrow embroidery is the myth that the existing eyebrows have to be shaved off before the procedure can be done. Not only is shaving unnecessary for eyebrow embroidery, it is categorically discouraged.

The technician needs as much of your natural brow as possible to create a realistic look, removing only those that fall out of the desired eyebrow shape or profile.

Myth #4. You can wade in the pool or at the beach as long as you do not wet your head.

After the procedure, it is advisable to avoid getting your eyebrows wet for seven to ten days, which means you cannot do laps at the pool or swim at the beach for that duration. In fact, it is better if you avoid trips to these types of places altogether, even if you do not have plans of wading in. Just being under the sun will make you sweat profusely, which would push out the pigments embedded under your skin during the treatment and compromise the results.

Myth #5. Eyebrow embroidery is painful.

Eyebrow embroidery involves needles, which makes some women balk at the thought of getting the procedure. However, it is not as painful as it sounds, especially if you look for the best in eyebrow embroidery Singapore has to offer.

Before starting the procedure, the eyebrow specialist will apply a topical numbing cream on the eyebrow area, which would make you impervious to the assaults of the needles. If you feel any discomfort at any point during the treatment, you can always ask for a time out and top up the numbing cream.

Myth #6. If you over-pluck, there’s nothing you can do.

It is common for some women to be overzealous when plucking and overdo it. Others just lack practice. While this is a common mistake, it would never leave you browless. If this happens to you, you can let nature take its course and wait for the brow to grow back. But there are also ways to make them grow faster, like applying some eyebrow growth serum.

Myth #7. After-care is not important.

When you get eyebrow embroidery, the job is not done once you leave the clinic. For the best eyebrow embroidery before and after results, you need to put in a bit of efforts For instance, it is important that you use only mild antibacterial soap or cleansers when washing your eyebrows in the morning and in the evening. You would also be provided with cream that you have to apply as part of an after-care regimen. It is best to consult your eyebrow specialist on the exact after-care process that will yield the best results.



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