Differences and Similarities Between Microblading and Microshading

Differences and Similarities Between Microblading and Microshading

Before getting an eyebrow embroidery treatment, it's important to know the different types you can get. Although it will vary on the shape and design you want to achieve, the treatment can ultimately be boiled down to two types of eyebrow embroidery, mainly microblading and microshading.

What is microblading?

Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi-permanent tattoo that uses a hair-stroke technique to create the illusion of fuller brows. It makes use of a hand-held tool with fine needles to create delicate strokes. As the tool is being dragged on the skin, pigment is being injected near the skin's surface to create artificial hairs. The result will make you look like you have naturally-defined brows.

What is microshading?

On the other hand, microshading gives off a powdery effect that makes you look like you’re wearing brow makeup. It's done in the same process of injecting pigment into the skin. However, it doesn't make use of the hair stroke technique. Instead, the trained aesthetician will use a shading technique with tiny dots to make your eyebrows look thicker.

This method utilises a rotary tool or a PMU machine that allows the aesthetician to apply pigment with frequent strokes to make your brows look fuller.

What are the differences between the two?

The most apparent difference between the two techniques is the result, as seen in the eyebrow embroidery before and after. But other factors that separate the two styles of brow embroidery Singapore include:

What are the similarities?

Regardless of the many differences these two treatments have, they hold just as many similarities. These include:

Get the best of both worlds.

Both treatments offer a unique look and finish. So, although you might be inclined to choose one over the other, it's entirely possible to get a combination of the two. This is what's called hybrid brows.

With microshading, aestheticians can create a dark base. Then, with microblading, they can create more definitions. Overall, both techniques create the perfect brows for any occasion.



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