Exciting Makeup Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


With the new year comes the opportunity to go out of your comfort zone to try things and discover more about yourself. This year, play around with different looks to see whether you can find new styles and looks that you enjoy. By now, you likely know that beauty trends are always changing, so for 2021, such is no exception. Given everything that has happened in 2020, many have undoubtedly changed their beauty routines and preferences.

To give you inspiration on how you can spice things up this year, check out these six exciting makeup trends in 2021. From bringing out your Korean Eyeliner to trying out the Celebrity Lash look, there are tons of fun styles that you can explore.

Dewy and Glowy Skin

One of the biggest things to come out of the pandemic would be the skinimalism trend, which is expected to be huge this year. Now that people are mostly staying at home and wearing a face mask when outdoors, their attention has shifted to more minimal skin makeup. Instead of the heavy foundation and contours, dewy and glowy skin with less coverage is in as it helps highlight your natural features.

Semi Permanent Brows

Brows continue to be a popular topic in the beauty community, with ombre brows and goth brows being some of the latest trends. Similar to the first trend on minimal makeup for the skin, semi permanent eyebrows are also trending in 2021 as they promote natural-looking brows. As a plus, the procedure serves as the perfect investment for those who have no time to do their brows or prefer not to spend time on them.

Before you settle on getting brow embroidery, make sure you get to know your style options to choose the right shape and colour. While microblading may be one of the most popular choices, you do not have to limit yourself to this, as you can also try out microshading to achieve the ombre brow trend and many others.

Expressive Eye Makeup

Now that face masks have become the norm, all the attention has shifted to the eye area. As such, it is no surprise that expressive eyes are a huge trend in 2021 as everyone is trying to convey their emotions through their eyes. Do not hesitate to experiment with colourful and textured shadows or even go for a bold Celebrity Lash to explore new looks!

Rosy Colours

Rosy colours and hues can help you achieve a bright and youthful glow. Add in some pink makeup to your eyelids, cheeks, and lips to liven up your face while still keeping it natural. Alternatively, you can also consider lip embroidery to add some colour to your lips without having to apply lipstick or lip gloss at all times.

Elongated Eyeliners

Yet again, this year is all about the eyes. While the cat eye continues to be a classic, the fox eye trend appears to be dominating today. It emerged back in 2020, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner rocking the look, and has since become a popular technique for many. The fox eye look essentially involves extending your eyeliner beyond the outer corners and adding a slight wing upward, effectively elongating your eyes.


With skinimalism on the rise this year, you can expect that skincare has also become more important. Now that people have become more health-conscious due to the threat of the virus, they have also started paying more attention to their skin’s health.

Given that, it is important to understand your skin type and condition to know what products work best for you. As always, it is best to consult with a dermatologist first to learn more about how you can take care of your skin properly.


2021 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year for the beauty community, with many unique trends dominating this year. Without a doubt, now is truly the perfect time to get creative and explore new techniques and looks. You never know what styles you end up loving!



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