Eyebrow Embroidery Style For Every Facial Shape


When it comes to cosmetic procedures, eyebrow embroidery has taken the spotlight, with more women taking an interest in semipermanent services. Looking for a way to get fuller and bolder brows without spending time doing your makeup or plucking your barely-there brows? If so, then this procedure may be just right for you! Continue reading to learn more about it.

Eyebrow Embroidery Techniques

You have likely heard about brow embroidery, but when you walk into a salon, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the jargon. With a bit of familiarising, however, you should easily get past this feeling. Once you understand each technique's differences, you will be able to get your dream brow look in no time!

  1. 1. Microshading

    If you like your brows looking full and done, you can opt for microshading. This procedure is done with a manual or electric hand tool to stipple multiple pigment dots on your brows. The result is a powdered or pencilled look that you would often achieve from doing your brows with makeup.

  3. 2. Microblading

    Microblading involves using a fine tool, which looks like a pen but is filled with tiny needles to deposit pigment into your brows. The pen is used to make small cuts into the superficial layers of your skin to create realistic-looking hair strokes. This procedure is perfect if you want natural brows that last long.

  5. 3. Micropigmentation

    Micropigmentation is an innovative technique that uses a machine to embed a brow shape and an ultrathin needle to deposit pigment. It is considered revolutionary in the semi-permanent makeup world due to the advanced tools used.

Eyebrow Shape Based on Your Facial Shape

Now that you have a better idea of the eyebrow embroidery techniques, you can start thinking of what brow look you can get. To help you decide what style to get, here are some of the recommended brow shapes for each facial shape.

  1. 1. Oval

    Most brow shapes will look good with an oval face since they have the ideal face length and width. That said, softly-angled brows with a slight arch can help balance your facial features and add dimension to your face.

  3. 2. Long

    For long facial shapes, the goal is usually to add width to create proportion and make the face appear shorter. Long flat brows can help you do this due to their horizontal shape. For an arched brow, you can add a downward curve that gets lighter as it approaches the ear line.

  5. 3. Round

    Contrary to long faces, round face shapes have the opposite brow goal: to lengthen the face. To do this, you can go for high-arched brows that give the illusion of a slimmer face due to its “vertical” look.

  7. 4. Square

    Square jaws usually appear as a strong feature, so you can balance it with thick flat brows with a soft arch. Use a thicker colour to balance the jawline and opt for angled brows to soften your face’s features and angles.

  9. 5. Heart

    Heart facial shapes have highly angular features, particularly the point of the chin, so your goal is to soften these. Soft rounded brows can help you achieve this. As for the arch, low arches give a natural look while high arches give a more dramatic look.

  11. 6. Diamond

    With diamond facial shapes, the goal is to soften your look and shorten your face. Curved brows are the perfect way to do this as they help lift your face and create a rounder look.

While the above information may give you some brow-spiration, remember that the choice is ultimately yours! By all means, you can use the recommended brow shapes to help you understand what look you can achieve with different brow styles. It is all a matter of personal preference, so explore your options and see which ones catch your attention.



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