Foolproof Ways to Make Your Eyebrow Embroidery Last


The statement “eyebrows on fleek” has seemingly filled every social media feed, with several people taking an interest in different eyebrow styles. Nowadays, you will find a ton of brow trends making waves on the Internet, which explains the popularity surrounding semi-permanent brows. Eyebrow embroidery is a major trend that many people are jumping on because of its effects-- whether you prefer bold brows or soft brows, this procedure can change how your overall face looks.

Though eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent, this does not mean that you can skip on the maintenance. This procedure comes at a cost, so you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Likewise, making the right preparations and following after-care tips will ensure your brows will look their best after recovery.

Preparing for the Procedure

It is natural to feel nervous about potential pain during eyebrow embroidery. However, your brow technically will apply a numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure, so try not to worry too much about what it will feel like. Before your scheduled brow embroidery appointment, here are a few things to note to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  1. 1. Decide on an Eyebrow Style

    Discuss your preferred style to a brow specialist, so you can also get recommendations on what shapes may suit your face. Talk about your facial goals and what look you want to achieve, so you can get their advice. During this time, you can also show photos of celebrity inspirations you may have to give them a more concrete idea.

  3. 2. Do Not Wax, Thread, or Tweeze

    You may also be told not to thread, wax, or tweeze your eyebrows a few days or as long as possible before the procedure. This way, your brow technician can create a brow style that works with your natural hair growth.

After-care Tips

Finding the right salon to do your procedure is equally important to ensure you achieve your dream brows. Make sure you look for a place offering the quality eyebrow embroidery so you can get quality service.

Take note that it is normal for your brows to appear darker than normal for the next few days due to the pigment. You may notice your eyebrows being red and swollen. The healing period can last for about a week or more after the procedure, so make sure to follow these after-care tips.

  1. 1. Avoid Getting the Area Wet

    After the procedure, avoid getting your eyebrows wet and allow it to dry heal for up to 48 hours. When washing your face, be careful not to touch the brows when cleaning the brow area--you can use facial wipes to help you reach specific areas.

  3. 2. Apply Healing Cream

    You may experience some scabbing, which can feel irritable, but try not to pick or peel these scabs and allow them to peel naturally. The peeling process will differ for every person, but the slower it is, the better. Apply some healing or antiseptic cream to your brows two or three times a day to help with this.

  5. 3. Avoid Wearing Makeup

    Do not apply makeup or any other products in your brow area for at least two weeks to allow the tattoo to heal and avoid the risk of infection.

  7. 4. Get a Touch-Up

    About a month after your initial appointment, it is recommended to go back to the brow salon for a touch-up. Doing this allows the specialist to see how the eyebrow embroidery has settled into your skin and make any changes or corrections as they see fit.

Eyebrow embroidery has indeed taken the lead in the semi-permanent makeup world. Though brows may seem like a small part of your face, the way they are shaped can make a huge difference with your overall appearance. With that said, following proper care procedures before and after your appointment can help you get the best results, so your brows will last you a long time.



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