Guide for Men Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore


Today, men have become just as conscious and committed to keeping their skin healthy as women. All across the globe, the beauty industry has recognised the growing demand for men's beauty and skincare products, a segment growing at an unprecedented rate.

With men becoming more aware of self-grooming, beauty treatments like threading and waxing are no longer viewed as women-centric. More specifically, the major trend of eyebrow grooming has made its way to the men's personal care segment as more and more men recognise the benefits of grooming their brows. Eyebrow embroidery is particularly popular among men in Asia, such as in Singapore, with an evident growth in brow salons offering the treatment.

Eyebrow Shapes For Men

Despite being a small part of your face, eyebrows can have transformative effects on your overall look. Choosing the right shape can help frame your face and highlight and accentuate your features. To help you decide, you can look through these common eyebrow shapes for men:

  1. 1. Angled

    Angular brows are said to be best for men with round-shaped faces to create definition and balance the roundness of their face. If you are wary about harsh angles in your brows, you can opt for a soft angular shape to create a more natural look.

  3. 2. Rounded

    Rounded brows are suitable for men with square-shaped faces or wider foreheads and eyes. You can go for brows that align with your frontal bone and taper gently at the ends to help add softness to sharp angles in your face.

  5. 3. Flat

    Flat brows are perfect for men with oval faces to balance out their facial features. These brows have little to no curves, so the horizontal lines help make your face look shorter in length.

  7. 4. Slightly Bended

    One way to combine brow shapes is to add slight bends or arches to angular or round brows. This style can be used to follow your brows' natural curve and prevent going against its natural growth.

Your face shape can be an excellent way to determine the most suitable brow shape for your face, but know that it merely serves as a guide. Ultimately, it is still your choice and personal preference, so by all means, feel free to decide on the look that makes you feel the most confident.

Why Eyebrow Embroidery For Men?

Below are some of the top reasons as to why korean eyebrow embroidery Singapore has made its way to the men's personal care segment.

  1. 1. Aesthetic Benefits

    Well-shaped brows can enhance your overall appearance, highlight your facial features, and keep you looking neat.

  3. 2. Grooming Convenience

    Similar to women's brows, men's brows are not the easiest to groom, and may require frequent trimming, plucking, or waxing. Treatments like 6d eyebrow embroidery can have results that last up to two years, allowing you to maintain neat brows with little to no maintenance.

  5. 3. Long-lasting Results

    Since brow embroidery is considered a semi-permanent treatment, the results are long-lasting and durable, with most lasting at least a year with good care. This way, you need not worry about grooming your brows or spending on another brow salon visit anytime soon!

It is commonly assumed that men do not need to groom their brows. However, the truth is that well-groomed brows are important for anyone, and as of late, it is clear that male consumers have started to realise this. Unkempt brows can not only be distracting but also cause a mess, with your brow hairs sticking out everywhere. As a result, more and more men are taking charge and visiting brow salons to get their eyebrows groomed.



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