Microblading for Sensitive Skin: 5 Tips for a Comfortable Session


When it comes to microblading, your skin type plays a crucial role in the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment. Among the different skin types, people with sensitive skin are more prone to redness and irritation after a session. In some cases, people with sensitive skin tend to experience pinkness during the session, lasting for several days or weeks. They might also feel a slight swelling during the procedure.

But with the right preparation and aftercare regime, you can achieve Instagram-worthy brows. Here are some tips to help make your treatment easier and more comfortable.

Consult with your doctor and aesthetician before getting the treatment

Before booking an appointment at a brow salon, you need to talk to your doctor first and foremost since this treatment deals with skin penetration.

Once you’ve received the go-signal from your doctor, you need to communicate with your aesthetician next. That way, they can tailor the treatment to suit your skin type and meet your needs. If necessary, they can even give you extra ointment or a cool compress after the session to calm the inflammation.

During your discussion with your aesthetician, be sure to inquire about the specific products and procedures involved, in case some of them may be something your skin is sensitive to. Sometimes, people with sensitive skin react easily to the ink. In such cases, it's important to let your aesthetician know so they can avoid causing irritation.

Let the aesthetician prep the area properly

Dirt, bacteria, and oil build-up in your brow area can lead to infections after the treatment. As such, proper cleansing is essential. Before visiting the salon, be sure to prep your brow area by scrubbing away the makeup, oil, and dirt.

But because you have sensitive skin, it’s important to be thorough. One cleanse might not be enough. So, be sure to let the aesthetician prep your brow area again by doing another cleanse before proceeding to the Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery treatment.

Raise your concerns with your aesthetician

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that involves creating small punctures on your skin to deposit the pigment. If you're a first-time goer, you can never be 100% sure about how your skin will react during the procedure. So, it's important to speak up.

Eyebrow embroidery involves two techniques, mainly microblading and shading. While microblading tends to be much harsher on the skin because it requires drawing in hair-like strokes on your brows, shading is much gentler. Although most aestheticians use a combination of the two techniques, you can raise your preference to your aesthetician so they can modify the procedure for you.

In the process, if you feel any discomfort or pain, you can request for an extra numbing cream to reduce the pain.

Apply a lot of ointment after the session

You might think that the worst part is over once the treatment is finished, but that’s not completely true. In fact, the worst is yet to come during the healing process. This is the stage where your skin feels tender. Oftentimes, it reddens, itches, and peels.

By applying a lot of antibiotic ointment post-procedure, you can avoid infection and minimise scabbing. Not only that. Applying ointment can also help your brows health smoothly over time without issue. This is because antibiotic ointments create a protective layer on your brows to prevent bacteria from penetrating your open skin.

So, make sure that you ask your aesthetician for proper aftercare guidelines so you can effectively take care of your brows during the healing process.

Keep the brow area clean

Once the worst is over (i.e., flaking and scabbing), the key is to keep your brow area clean. Cleansing using a gentle cleanser can help keep your brows fresh and hydrated. It also effectively gets rid of any crust or dirt that has developed. If it feels inflamed, you can also apply a cold compress onto your brows to soothe the burning sensation.


So, if you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about the pain and discomfort. With these tips, you can undergo eyebrow embroidery with ease and comfort. During the procedure and after, your aesthetician will be happy to assist you when necessary.



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