Top 5 Eyebrow Embroidery Tips For Better Looking Brows

Many people consider their eyebrows as an essential facial feature. Apart from serving as the protective barrier to avoid sweat and dirt from reaching the eyes, it is also a crucial beauty feature. Some people would spend a significant amount of time fixing their brows every day As this requires too much time and effort, time-starved ladies are opting for eyebrow embroidery procedures.

To ensure that the brows look good for a long time, here are several tips that everyone needs to know to get the best results.

Tip #1: Look for an eyebrow shape that you want to achieve

Each face is different, so it is crucial to find the right eyebrow shape that is suitable for the person’s facial features. While some would look great if they choose to follow the latest eyebrow trend and replicate the look of celebrities, it may not look the same. Make it a point to look for different inspirations to find the right arch and curve to have the perfect eyebrows for your face.

Tip #2: Ask for suggestions from your professional eyebrow embroidery specialist

Consult with the eyebrow expert if you have a particular brow shape in mind. You can show the eyebrow expert a picture of the eyebrow shape that you intend to have, then allow the expert to tell you if your choice works well for your face shape. They would analyze based on your prominent facial shape then present several suggestions that you can choose from.

For example, a heart-shaped face may be more suitable for brows with a softer arch and thicker shape to balance the elongated chin. For square-shaped faces, having eyebrows with a high curved arch is ideal because it can soften the face’s appearance. If your face is round, the experts may suggest getting fuller brows with sharp and angled arch during the eyebrow embroidery procedure to provide a structure to the face.

Tip #3: Learn the proper preparation process before your eyebrow embroidery procedure

Before the procedure, ask your eyebrow technician about how to prepare for the treatment. They would want you to stop using blood-thinning medications and fish oil supplements seven days before your scheduled procedure. Stop applying skin thinners on the brow area before having the eyebrow embroidery. It includes ointments and creams containing glycol acids and Vitamin A. For women, consider setting the appointment before or after their menstrual cycle because they may experience more pain and hypersensitivity during their period.

Tip #4: Ask for after-care advice

Once you had your eyebrow embroidery procedure done, the beautician will give you a set of after-care instructions to give you the best results after the treatment. Avoid touching and having the brow area wet with water or excessive sweat for around three days. Keep yourself from scratching the area when it starts to itch by the approximately fourth or fifth day. Avoid using making or applying skincare products on the brows for one week.

Expect to undergo a recovery period after the procedure. Between the third and seventh days, you may notice that the skin around the brow area dries up and begins to peel off. You may apply an antiseptic cream regularly to prevent too much scabbing. Please note that the healing result will vary.

Tip #5: Inquire about making the eyebrow embroidery last longer

Since eyebrow embroidery is an investment, make sure that the effects would last longer. The eyebrow technician will recommend an after-care cream that you need to apply for at least one week or until the peeling is over. Once all the scabs fall off, expect the colour to fade. When this happens, you can return to the eyebrow embroidery salon for the touch up to revive the lost colour.


After learning all these tips, understand that the eyebrow embroidery is not a permanent solution to enhance your brows. You need to have it retouched after at least six to eight months to maintain the brows’ quality. Consider having a darker eyebrow colour during the procedure since it will lighten after a while. If you begin with a darker colour, it will eventually look more natural as time passes by. By following these tips, you can get the most out of your eyebrow embroidery procedure.



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