Transform Your Brows with Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Embroidery


As one of the leading clinical brow salons in Singapore, Browtisan offers an extensive range of eyebrow, eyelash, and facial grooming services to help you enhance your features. Its line of eyebrow embroidery services features varying shapes and styles to match your preferences and give you your dream brows. If you like natural-looking brows, you can choose their 6D brow, which is designed to replicate your real brows with fine and delicate strokes. Conversely, if you are fond of the powdered brow trend, you can opt for Browtisan’s gradient brows, which creates an ombre effect for a fresh and youthful look.

Eyebrow embroidery has been a huge trend in the beauty industry nowadays, but it is clear that the trend is not going anywhere soon. A quick search of eyebrow embroidery before and after comparison on the Internet and you will find photos featuring the transformation in other people’s brows. Looking at these photos alone is enough to get you excited about how your brows will look after getting them embroidered.

Eyebrow Embroidery: Before and After

With so many brow services available today, you may be wondering about eyebrow embroidery before and after. looks. Logically, how your brows look after the procedure will differ based on the specific style and treatment that you choose. However, the general expectation is that your brows will look as if you had drawn them or put on some brow makeup. If you opt for microblading, your brows will look fuller but still natural. As for microshading, you can expect your brows to look filled-out for a bolder and stronger look..

With all that said, it is important to note that your brows may look slightly different immediately after the procedure, as it may take about two weeks before you see the final result. Most of the time, your brows may appear darker than usual due to the surface pigment and scabs that may have formed from the procedure. However, once the wounds heal completely, the brow colour will look more natural.

How Eyebrow Embroidery Can Change Your Looks

Your eyebrows may seem like a small part of your face, but they can have a huge impact on how you look. To convince you, check out these photos and see the transformative and dramatic effects of brows on your face. The right brow shape and style for each individual ultimately depends on one’s face shape, facial features, and the like. Thus, if you want to get the best eyebrow embroidery singapore, you must search for a style that can best balance and highlight your features well.

Eyebrow Embroidery Experience

After you have seen the eyebrow embroidery before and after - comparison, the next thing you may be curious about is the procedure. Your eyebrow embroidery experience will begin with a consultation, where you sit down with a brow specialist to learn about your options and get recommendations on what suits your face best. During this time, you can discuss the look you are going for, including the shape, style, and colour you prefer.

Your specialist will then begin by cleaning your brows before applying a numbing cream. A fine and thin blade will then be used to scrape off part of the top layer in your brows to apply the pigment. Generally, the process should not feel uncomfortable since there is an anaesthetic applied to your brows, so you need not worry about any pain. If you feel any pain or discomfort, do not hesitate to tell your specialist so they can address your concern.


Overall, eyebrow embroidery can transform not only your brows but also your overall appearance. Take your time exploring different styles to determine what you like the best, as brow embroidery will last you anywhere between 18 to 24 months. However, once the procedure is done, you no longer have to worry about drawing or filling your brows daily, as they will always look good throughout the day.



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