What is Microblading and Is it Worth Investing?


If you are fond of doing your brows and keeping up with brow trends, you may have heard of microblading several times. This treatment has gained much popularity recently as it can help you achieve your dream brows without the hassle of drawing them every day. While the term microblading is often used interchangeably with cosmetic tattooing, it is important to note that the two are not the same. Their primary difference lies in the fact that microblading is a semi-permanent makeup process, while eyebrow tattoos are permanent.

Microblading is a precise process that uses feather-like strokes to mimic your real brows, so the end result is natural-looking brows. Thus, the focus is more on enhancing, rather than altering, your natural brows. The big question now is: Is Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery. A Worthy Investment? Since it is a semi-permanent procedure that will last about two years, you naturally want to be comfortably sure before deciding on it. To determine whether the investment is right for you, continue reading.

Is Microblading Worth the Investment?

Similar to other eyebrow embroidery techniques, microblading can be highly advantageous if you have no time to maintain your brows but still want them to look good all the time. It may not seem apparent at first, but the area around your eyes tends to be one of the most attractive to people, so well-maintained brows can easily transform your look. Even without wearing makeup or putting on light makeup, you can still look fresh with your natural eyebrow embroidery.

One of the top reasons why microblading is worth the investment is the significant time savings. After getting the procedure done, you no longer have to worry about spending time out of your day to fill in or draw your brows. While you can still apply makeup on your microbladed brows, you will likely not need to do this as frequently anymore as the treatment will help make your brows look filled even without doing anything.

Microblading Procedure and Aftercare Routine

Many are often concerned about the pain level of the microblading process, but fortunately, you do not have to worry about this as your brow specialist will apply anaesthetic during the procedure. After this part, your specialist will then proceed to use a fine and thin blade, almost like an x-acto knife, to make hair-like incisions and deposit pigment into those areas.

Going back to the question: Is Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery A Worthy Investment? Truthfully, the answer can vary from one person to another. However, one way to maximise your microbladed brows' value is by taking the extra step to protect them so that they can look good for a long time. Before anything else, ensure that you follow the aftercare routine prescribed by your brow specialist to ensure your brows heal fully after the process. This routine will include avoiding getting the area wet, applying a cream, not wearing skincare or makeup in the area, and the like.

It will usually take about two weeks before your eyebrow embroidery heals and you get to see the final result. After this time, it may help to modify your skincare or makeup routine to ensure your brows stay long-lasting. One thing you can do is apply more sunblock in your brow area before applying makeup.

Likewise, you can return to your brow clinic for a touch-up, but the frequency ultimately depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, your brows may fade more quickly. Thus, if you notice your brow colour becoming more muted after some time and want to make it concentrated again, you can return for a colour touch-up.


For anyone looking for a solution to the tiresome process of having to fill in their brows every day, microblading certainly does the trick. It gives you full brows that still look natural, and the added benefit is that it is semi-permanent, so you can always change your brow shape.



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