What Makes The Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Trend Stand Out?


The quest for immaculate eyebrows prompted the emergence of different trendy procedures that could save those dealing with over plucked brows or those whose brows need enhancements. One of which is the Korean eyebrow embroidery. It has become one of the hottest beauty trends in Asia and has become a popular beauty trend globally.

If you are planning to try out the Korean Eyebrow Embroidery trend, here are several facts that you need to know.

What is Korean Eyebrow Embroidery?

The Korean eyebrow embroidery, also called eyebrow hairline stroke or microblading eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that can last for a couple of years. This procedure uses a technique that fills in the empty areas on your brows using coloured pigments for fuller and more luscious eyebrows.

This is a good option for those born with sparse or thin brows to add more thickness and volume to create a fuller look. It is also the best option if you are always rushing to go out in the morning since you no longer have to spend hours doing your makeup. If you are tired of threading or plucking your eyebrows all the time, then you are also the best candidate for this type of procedure.

The Korean eyebrow embroidery procedure can help enhance your look. It can lessen the appearance of any minor facial flaws like far-set eyes, and help bring the spotlight to your eyes if you want to highlight it as your best feature.

How Is The Korean Embroidery Done?

Like the 6D eyebrow embroidery, the Korean eyebrow embroidery needs thorough planning to make it last for as long as possible.

Korean Eyebrow Maintenance Tips

After completing your Korean eyebrow embroidery procedure, ensure that you will do everything to take care of the area where the procedure took place. The eyebrow specialist will provide a set of instructions so you can take care of your new brows properly.

One of the most important pointers to remember is to avoid getting the skin around the eyebrows wet for at least a week to avoid swelling in the area. It means no swimming or visiting the sauna until the area is fully healed.

You also need to avoid putting ointments or lotions near the brows. Other makeup or skincare products are prohibited since they may cause some infections on the open wound. The only cream that you are allowed to use is the healing cream prescribed by the brow salon.

The effects of the Korean eyebrow embroidery may last for at least two years if you take care of it properly. But if you notice that the pigments are starting to fade, you can return to have it retouched to get its naturally vibrant colour back.


The Korean eyebrow embroidery could be your best choice to have the luscious-looking brows you aim for. You only need to find the right brow salon specialising in this kind of aesthetic procedure to ensure that a professional brow specialist will handle your eyebrows properly.



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