What Type of Eyebrow Embroidery Is Perfect for Your Face?


Everyone knows the importance of eyebrows. It is the part of the face that shields the eyes from dust and impurities. But aside from protecting the eyes, it also helps frame the face and define the entire facial features.

However, not everyone has naturally beautiful brows. Most people even have to spend several minutes every day to fix their brows by applying brow pencils or powders to fill in the sparse areas. Others need to pluck their eyebrows or have it waxed or threaded regularly to groom the area. These routines are time-consuming, especially for time-starved Singaporean. It is the reason why eye embroidery has become popular in the country.

Eyebrow embroidery, also known as microblading or pigment embroidery, involves applying semi-permanent pigment underneath the topmost layer of the skin using tiny, single-use needles. Each stroke replicates tiny hair strokes that could give sparse or thin brows with natural-looking volume and thickness.

After the procedure, clients will have the illusion of having thicker and more luscious eyebrows. It also helps give a perfect balance to the face since the procedure can correct the symmetry between the facial features. The procedure can also correct slight facial flaws like far-set eyes or small eyes. It can also attract the focus towards the eye area, diverting attention from the imperfections in the lower portion of the face.

But before you schedule your first brow enhancement appointment, do find out about the different kinds of eyebrow embroidery procedure available so that you can have an idea of what is suitable for you.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery

6D eyebrow embroidery is one of the most famous eyebrow embroidery procedures in Singapore. It replicates the look for natural brows since it uses narrower yet extra delicate strokes to provide better brow definition and depth. It usually has a thicker and straighter shape. It means that it is the best choice for people who want thicker, bushy-looking brows that are highly popular among the top Korean celebrities today.

Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery

This type of eyebrow embroidery usually applies gradual gradient pigments onto the skin using tiny blades. It aims to provide a more in-depth silhouette to give clients a set of fuller, thicker-looking brows. The gradient pigment provides an effect that mimics the look of brow powder applied in brows. It can look well with any makeup.

Those who prefer this eyebrow embroidery style will have a set of brows with a straighter and thicker shape that highlights the eye contours and creates a more youthful appearance.

Creative Brow Embroidery

Clients who choose the Creative Brow Embroidery procedure can have natural-looking, perfectly groomed eyebrows. Highly skilled brow beauticians use micro blades to draw brow hairs in a single, uniform direction or come up with slightly different strokes, depending on their patients' natural brow hairs. This process can allow them to provide better depth to the original look of the brows and help balance the hair distribution in the sparse areas.

This eyebrow embroidery style is perfect for individuals who want to highly their slightly pronounced arch to achieve a classy, sophisticated look.

Combination Korean Brow

It combines the two popular eyebrow embroidery techniques - the Gradient and the 6D brow embroidery procedures. Each stroke drawn by the beautician replicated the natural direction of the brow. It also uses gradient pigments to fill in the sparse brows to provide a lavish, multidimensional effect.

The clients who opt to get this type of eyebrow embroidery method can expect to get a misty, youthful appearance that no longer requires additional makeup application. It is one of the biggest trends in Korea at the moment.


Beauty-conscious Singaporeans should consider investing in eyebrow embroidery if they want to correct their thinning brows or if they want to cover their balding eyebrow area.

Compared to other brow enhancement procedures like eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow embroidery treatments in Singapore no longer need an after-treatment recovery period. They can also resume their usual activities after having their brows done in the salon.



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