What Your Eyebrows Say About Your Personality


When people look at you, one of the first things that they'll notice is your eyebrows. From your brows, they can gather certain impressions about your personality. That's because, according to facial readers, the different shapes and the overall design of your eyebrows convey certain meanings.

Different Brow Shapes and Their Meanings

Here are some of the common eyebrow shapes Singaporeans have and their respective meanings:

Breaking Down the Different Elements of the Brows

Now that you have an idea behind the generic shape of your brows, it’s time to break them down. What are the elements that contribute to the design of your brows, and what do they mean?

How to Change Your Brows to Achieve a Distinct Look

No matter what size and shape your natural eyebrows are, you can change them to fit your unique personality.

If you want to look a certain way, you can manipulate the different elements of your brows, changing the length, width and thickness. Although you can draw on them using several brow products, booking an eyebrow embroidery Singapore appointment is the best solution.

Eyebrow embroidery SG is a semi-permanent solution that can transform your brows drastically. You can choose the shape, thickness, and finish you desire from a wide range of options.



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