Why should I visit Browtisan?

Besides making every single eyebrow stroke more refined, accurate, detailed and most importantly – painless, hygienic and professionally done, Browtisan also ensures that our premises are at the highest levels of hygiene.

The Browtisan brand aims to provide to its clients top-notch, clinical standard services and experience. Each and every Browtisan is a highly skilled artisan in their craft as an assurance that the standard of our services is the highest in the industry.

Additionally, Browtisan is the first in the industry to combine Creative Eyebrow techniques, high clinical standards and sanitation, enabling a strong focus on precision for the most natural eyebrow designs for our clients.

Taking a comprehensive approach and interlacing closely the skills, staff and technologies, customers can be assured that they are in good hands.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call us at Delfi Orchard: 6235 2355 (Whatsapp: 9222 3335) or Plaza Singapura: 6909 1688 (Whatsapp: 8328 0060), to have your appointment availability checked. Alternatively, you can also click here to send in your tentative booking request and the concierge team will contact you within one day.

Do you open on Public Holidays?

Delfi Orchard outlet is closed on Public Holidays while Plaza Singapura outlet is open from 10am to 6pm. We seek your kindest understanding. Please do drop us an email at and we will be most delighted to assist you while the salon is closed.

What is the difference between Master Browtisan, Creative Browtisan and Browtisan in the price list?

Master Browtisan refers to Coco Qi, the salon’s overall director. Creative Browtisan refers to our senior artisans whilst the Browtisan refers to our team of skilled artisans.

What is the difference of your salon vs home based salons?

All our artisans undergo at least 200 hours of training or more depending on their experience prior to their hire. Our Master Browtisan, also the founder of the business, is the Artisan Trainer for all services and products so the training standards are best assured with her more than 20 years in this industry.

We have 3 tiers of Artisan accreditation and 3-5 styles per service type for customers to choose. While we can’t speak for the services nor products of other salons, we pride ourselves upon being the innovators in this industry for beauty tools, technologies and beauty techniques under her charge.

You can also find that our salons also practise high clinical levels of hygiene and professionalism in skill and service precision in a comfortable environment that is quality assured, cosy and attentive to our customers.

Owning 3 salons and being more than 6 years in this industry, customers can also be assured that our business is stable, expanding and here to stay.

My pain threshold is very low, will your services hurt?

We have great experiences in serving customers of different pain thresholds and we are glad to share that we have not received any negative feedback on our numbing cream or discomfort from pain. However, we do observe that if you are on your period, you will be more sensitized to pain than usual and so, we usually recommend our customers to reschedule their appointments if they are having their periods.

Prior to any services that involves some form of discomfort, we will administer numbing cream for at least 10 to 30 minutes prior to treatment so as to provide the best painless, comfortable experience for customers during treatment.

For our embroidery services, customers has also been known to fall asleep and yes, that is how painless and comfortable it could be.

We would recommend that you drop by our salon for a face-to-face consultation where our artisans can better address your doubts and questions on our services.


How long do your eyelash extensions lasts for?

The eyelash extensions generally last for 3 weeks to 1 month depending on each client’s facial regime. We advise clients to be gentle on their eyes especially when removing their eye makeup as rubbing may cause the lashes to fall off easily.

I would like dramatic/subtle lash extensions; do you have the lashes that can cater to my preferences?

We carry an assortment of lash lengths in order to create a variety of designs in catering to the tastes of our clients.

How long can your eyelash extensions last?

On average, our customers’ eyelashes last for a good 2-3 weeks. In our record, one of our customers’ extensions lasted up to 3 months while she was overseas at Antarctica.

That said, a few factors are also at play, such as the growth speed of your real lashes, how well you take care of your lashes like gently dabbing water off them after cleansing or rubbing them onto your face towel, whether you do comb through them gently at least once a day to sort out any tangles and stray away lashes etc. as all these will contribute to the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Much as that is what our extensions are capable of, we will advise you to have your extensions refreshed at least once in every 3 weeks so that the new extensions can best match your new-grown lashes. Apart from the weight and extra stress on your eyes from overly long extensions, it is also more hygienic to refresh regularly as debris, dead skin, body oils and dust etc. that is not seen by the human eyes accumulate on our lashes every day.

At our salon, each time we perform an eyelash extension, we will carry out an (4-in-1) eye spa which helps to cleanse off all accumulative debris on our eyes while nourishing it to best prepare it for healthy, long-lasting eyelash extensions for you.


What is the difference between Browtisan and Korean eyeliner?
  • Design
  • Drawn between lash hairs
  • Visual Effect
  • Similar to tightlining
  • Suited to
  • Sparse lash growth
  • Regular users of eyeliner
  • Additional service
  • Eyelash growth serum
  • 1 complimentary touch up session
  • Longevity
  • 3 – 5 years
  • Design
  • Drawn between lash hairs
  • Visual Effect
  • Similar to tightlining
  • Suited to
  • Sparse lash growth
  • Regular users of eyeliner
  • Longevity
  • 3 – 5 years
weird overall appearance Will doing the bottom eyeliner result in a if I do not draw the upper eyeliner?

We recommend bottom eyeliner to clients who wish to balance the visual effect of their eyelashes, as it is common for the eyelashes on the lower lash line to experience sparse lash growth compared to the upper lash line. We also ensure that the shape of your eye is accentuated with a natural effect without excessive emphasis on the lower eyelid even without makeup.

Will there be any downtime for eyeliner embroidery?

There is no downtime. However, we do receive rare cases of feedback on slight swelling and discomfort around the eye area the next day after they wake up. However, if you are known to have the condition of tearing, we advise that you factor in a rest day to monitor the condition of your eyes.

For quick relief, we recommend that you can apply a cool or cold ice pack on your eye area.

How long will your eyeliner embroidery last?

While we use top grade tools and products for our embroidery services, the durability of our embroidery also largely depends on the customer’s lifestyle habits, products they apply as well as their skin type. For instance, moisturized skin helps to retain colours better while oily skin or the constant application of sunblock products will greatly discount the ability of colour retention.

On average, our embroidery is able to last 2 to 3 years for the average customers and beyond 4 years for customers who take really good care in maintaining their skincare and eyeliner.


What is lips embroidery and is it painful?

It is a semi-permanent technique of adding color and vibrancy to the lip area similar to eyebrow embroidery, whereby pigments are deposited near to the surface of the skin after application of numbing cream to ensure pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum.

How long will the Lips Embroidery last?

Lips Embroidery typically lasts between 3-5 years and fades to a natural pinkish hue over time.

What if I wish to put on lipstick, will my lipstick colour be visible on my lips?

The overall result will depend on the texture and translucency of the lip product you are using. A sheer lip color will not be as visible compared to a matte, more opaque lipstick.


What is the return policy on your products?

Our return policy only applies to products that are unopened and in the same condition as the time of sale. Products with damaged seals, dented packaging, etc., will not be accepted. We will also require you to bring your receipt as proof of your purchase for verification purposes.

For damaged products, please attach photos detailing the damage and contact us immediately at .

Browtisan reserves all rights to reject any requests for product exchanges. To avoid such situations, we encourage you to check all purchases before leaving the salon.

I have sensitive skin, are your products safe for me?

We receive many positive feedback that our products have been effective and gentle, be it the numbing cream for embroidery or the eyelash extension glue that we use. If you are still concerned, rest assured that we can always perform a patch test on you prior to any treatment commencement.

If slight reddening of skin or itching is experienced during the application of any numbing product, it is normal as this is the solution being absorbed and starting to work on making your treatment a painless and comfortable one.

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