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  • Realistically mimics real brow hairs
  • Thinner, more delicate strokes
  • Straighter, thicker design for a youthful effect
  • Fine microblading technique
  • Commonly known as 6D Eyebrow
  • Adheres to natural brow hairs’ direction of growth
  • Complex, multi-dimensional brow
Combination Korean
  • Combines 2 diffèrent techniques for a complex, multidimensional effects
  • Thinner, delicate strokes combined with a horizontal, graduated color to fill in brows
  • Similar to applying light brow makeup
  • Defined silhouette for fuller, lush brows.
  • Similar to applying brow powder for a misty look
  • The straighter, thicker design accentuates contours of eye
  • “3D” effect
  • Can be drawn in one direction or adhering to natural brow hairs’ direction of growth
  • Can be straight or slightly arched for a more sophisticated look

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I visit Browtisan?

Besides making every single eyebrow stroke more refined, accurate, detailed and most importantly – painless, hygienic and professionally done, Browtisan also ensures that our premises are sterilized with infrared technology for the highest levels of hygiene.

The Browtisan brand aims to provide to its clients top-notch, clinical standard services and experience. Each and every Browtisan is a highly skilled artisan in their craft as an assurance that the standard of our services is the highest in the industry.

Additionally, Browtisan is the first in the industry to combine Creative Eyebrow techniques, high clinical standards and sanitation with the latest Swiss Microscopic Amplification Technology, enabling a strong focus on precision for the most natural eyebrow designs for our clients.

Taking a comprehensive approach and interlacing closely the skills, staff and technologies, customers can be assured that they are in good hands.

How long can Eyebrow Embroidery last?

With proper maintenance, the eyebrow embroidery can typically last for up to 3 years. Please be reminded that bleaching agents such as whitening creams and laser treatments will lighten the brow and shorten the lifespan of the embroidery, thus we recommend our clients to cover the brows during application if said creams and laser treatments are necessary.

Is The Process Painful?

We are glad to share that because of the cutting-edge technology and tools used during the procedure, the process is relatively painless and any potential discomfort is kept to a minimum. Please let our Browtisans know of any special requirements or skin conditions such as skin sensitivity prior to commencing services so that we may accommodate your needs.

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